Monday, March 30, 2009

Emily Rose

the exorcism of emily rose....
actually,it is a film about a haunting trial of a priest accused of negligence resulting in death of a youg girl beleived to be possesed... im not trying to review the story here because ive never watch this interested to know more because this film was inspired by a true's what i got...

the real Emily Rose, Analiese Michel who was born in Bavaria,Germany on September 21, 1952. At the age of 17,she told that she started to hear voices and started to see demonic spirits...she started to act weird such as she ate flies and spiders,beat the head off a dead bird and some other things...after a long time of being posessed,her parents can take it anymore and ask the priest to perform exorcism(rituals performed to chase away the spirits)...during the exorcism she refused to eat and drink...she forced herself to fast because she believed that it would rid her of Satan's influence...after 67 rites of exorcism,she no longer wanted to continue the exorcism and decided to remain possesed...she also predicted the time the time of her own death...she died at the exact day she predicted and her last words to her mother was "Mother, I'm afraid."

i dont know wether im going to believe her or not..but it was very miserable the way they picture her...
im very sorry for her and i couldnt imagine how she get through life for seven years believed being possesed...and im grateful being normal and "God, please protect me from such things...amin"

in the film,they use they real voice of Analiese Michel during the exorcism rituals...and because of that im scared to watch the film..hehe..

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